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The first: We provide high-quality rigorous analysis
We have professional quality analysis team, in the production cycle, to provide real-time quality monitoring, and we shipped out the product before storage with the library, will be quality testing products. Each of our product shipments will remain samples in case of the customer receives the product in question, with good timely detection process.

The second: We provide the quality and safety of the packaging with the logistics
We each product packaging, including a variety of bottles, we have done the appropriate stability testing to ensure that each bottle is qualified and do not leak. Also, before each shipment we will carefully check the packaging to ensure that each product is not due to leakage problems caused significant loss of customers.
Logistics we have chosen is the international logistics FedEx

The third: We provide good after-sales service
We have a super efficient sales team, when you are not satisfied with our products and services, we will first give you feedback and appropriate treatment measures.


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